How Casinos Make You Want To Spend More Money


If you are somebody who has ever been to a casino, you will see that they are a spectacle to behold and, they are also quite large. The entire casino floor has a lot of games that will actually inspire you to go and play some of them. You will absolutely get lost in the sounds, the drinks, the games, the lights and more. Most of the casinos do not actually allow the use of drugs, but some of them are pretty lax about it. The majority of casinos promote escorting activities as well.

The University of Las Vegas has actually found that 23 casinos in Las Vegas have been bringing in more than $72 million every single year, since the year 2013. This number keeps going up every single year. Not a single individual who has ever held a checking account would even consider that gambling is a prudent or wise thing to do, but people do it anyway. These people would think that gambling would be horrible financial suicide. These people say that you will end up reconsidering your choices after a couple of rounds of losing some money.

Half $1 million is quite close to the number that most casinos make every single day. Down below, I have listed out how casinos make money.

Las Vegas

1. The casinos hide the progression of time and, they do everything they can to do so. They make sure they supply things to a gambler so that he loses track of time. They give him food, drinks, attractive waitresses and dealers, probably some escorts, probably some comps here in there and more.

2. They make the customers, especially the high rollers, feel taken care of. It is a clear sign of manipulation by the casino.

3. They also make sure that everyone sees a victory. If someone ends up winning big on the casino floor, they make a huge splash about it. They turn on the flashing lights, and they turn on all of the loud sounds to make sure that this particular jackpot is known to every single person on the casino floor so that they are encouraged to try and do the same.

4. They also make sure to put a lot of opportunities on your path. Every single casino in Las Vegas presents you with hundreds of opportunities to carry out thousands of gambling activities. There are huge betting arenas inside the casinos that actually give you access to multiple sports and races so that you can place bets on them.


5. Most of them also have boutiques, shopping centres, spas, resorts attached to them. They also have some of the best quality restaurants and bars in town.

How Casinos Make You Want To Spend More Money

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